'Touch-me-not' for touchless kiosk...

11:00 AM
Viewbox, UL Cyber Park

'Touch-me-not' for touchless kiosk...

As the COVID-19 pandemic wildfires, the globe through human to human touches and interactions with fomites, ViewBox, a start-up initiated by Kerala Startup Mission developed a technology prototype named 'Touch-me-not' that can help the public to securely use the kiosks and other open touch screens using their phones.

Touch me not uses dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF), a voice frequency band generated when you press the keypads of your phone. Adding microphone access to the kiosk, it can pick up the frequencies generated from the phones and navigate the menu as per the user’s selection, turning your phone's dial pad into a simple joystick. Just like the classic snake game played in keypad phones.

Hemanth Valsaraj, founder and CEO, ViewBox, says "The startup has also created a web-based interface at touchmenot.netlify.com for people to experience a touch-less kiosk experience. This can be available in both feature phones and smartphones.

The concept can be optimized even for elevators and noisy outdoors by adding necessary algorithms. It is more suitable for systems operated by single persons but it can work well with existing systems as well".